Layered Sports Awards Set (3) - Basketball, Baseball, Football

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Need a clean and modern award for a player, coach, or team? Here's a great resource for you! (All 3 are individually listed here as well if needed).

Project Details

The designs are extremely versatile.

  • They can be easily resized, any material and any thickness can be used. For example, you can use wood for the back instead of clear acrylic if you prefer.
  • Resize any of the pieces including the ball, the players, etc. to create any layout or look that you like.
  • Engrave words and names on the front base piece or on the helmet, etc
  • Cut out names or other words to layer on top of the base or other parts


  • If you resize the design, be sure to size the back rounded piece -with- the bottom front engraving piece since they have matching shapes.

  • The files include descriptive text to help you understand your options. When you upload the file to the Glowforge interface, the text will be ignored.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects.

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