Layered Lake and Dock Scene

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 I LOVE making layered scenes like this one! This scene makes me want to sit on the dock with my wife all afternoon and enjoy the beauty of nature! It's between 9 and 12 layers depending on the choices you make. Watch the Project Overview video for more info and learn more under Project Details.

 * Digital download file - no physical items included

Project Details



  • AI
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • DXF



  • The original size of each layer in the file is 18.8" x 10.8" - BUT you can resize the group of them to any size you want.

  • The version I used in the Project Overview video is ~5.75" x 10.2". As I mentioned in the video, I wouldn't make it any smaller because the details on the trees and the deer's legs are very brittle and tend to burn out - so if you resize, I wouldn't go that small again (but it ended up looking great! 😊 )



  • I used 1/8" Baltic Birch from, but you can use any material and any thickness with no adjustment required.



  • That depends on what size you end up making it and how many additional spacers you choose to use. There are 9-12 layers, varying with spacer choices. Again, see video for more explanation.

  • The 5.75" x 10.2" version I made used just 3 sheets, but you can size it as large as a whole sheet, therefore using 9-12 sheets of material.



  • Again depends on your material and size choice, but the 2 I made varied from less than $10 and just under $30 (the two size versions listed above).


** There are 2 versions of the dock included, 1 with the couple sitting on the dock and 1 without.


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