"I Wish I Was Camping" Layered Pen Holder

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If you love the outdoors and camping, this beautiful layered pen holder will draw your eyes and your heart as you're working at your desk looking longingly out the window. 😍.

It holds up to 5 pens/pencils and comes with two front designs featuring a tent or a travel trailer. It also comes with two phrases as well: "I wish I was camping" and "I wish I was glamping." 

And of course you can always add your own text instead.

Project Details


  • AI, SVG, PDF vector files
  • Additional instructions are included within all files


  • I used .25" Maple Plywood, Cherry Plywood, Walnut Plywood, and MDF. 
  • You can use any materials and thicknesses you want to. The ONLY thickness that matters are the spacers where the pens are stored. There you'll cut multiple layers that total to the thickness of your pens or greater so they'll fit. 



  • 6.6" x 3.7" x variable depth (depending on materials and numbers of spacers used)
  • The pen slots are 0.5" wide
  • All pieces can fit on a 12" x 20" piece of material, but you'll likely cut different layers from different materials to make the look you desire.

Two front designs are included, a tent and a travel trailer. There are also two phrases, "I wish I was camping" and "I wish I was glamping."


  • You can use any material and thickness you prefer for all layers BUT the spacers need to total enough thickness to accommodate the pens you want to display/store. Measure the width of your pens and be sure they are not more than 0.45" wide. If they are wider, you will need to adjust the width of the spacer slots. 

  • You'll need to cut 2-4 spacer pieces depending on the thickness of the pens you want to store and the thickness of the material you choose to use.

  • I used inexpensive MDF for the spacer pieces since they are "interior" and can't be seen from front or back. 

  • The design can be resized, BUT you will need to size all pieces together AND the slots for the pens may need to be resized as well.
  • I use LocTiteGo2 for all of my projects.
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