Adirondack Style Phone Chair Stand

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This design creates a fun place for your phone to rest while recharging! It's an adirondack-style chair made to hold your phone and it has a hole in the seat to allow your charging cord to run under and out the back so it can be charging while in the chair. It's sized to hold up to the largest phones currently out there (as of October 2019), so it should fit even the widest phone backsides. :)

Project Details

Materials I Used:
• Glowforge Medium Maple and Walnut Plywood
• Slots are 0.137 in wide
• ALWAYS measure before cutting. See *IMPORTANT* section


  • ~3.35" wide
  • ~6.18" tall
  • ~3.5" deep
  • Seat is 3.8" wide at the back (measure your phone first!)


ALL MATERIALS VARY IN THICKNESS FROM BATCH TO BATCH, so you will need to measure your materials and adjust the slots if necessary. ALWAYS measure your materials before cutting to be sure the fit will be what you expect.

I use LocTite GO2 glue for all of my projects

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