How to Make Your Own Cut Out Bible Verses

How to Make Your Own Cut Out Bible Verses

Blocks of connected text are some of the things people request the most. From Bible verses to quotes from literature or movies, they are both fun AND easy to make!

In this video I'll start with a blank document in Adobe Illustrator. I'll show you how to type the words and adjust the size and spacing to create the look you want. 

Here are two tips:

  1. Choose a bold, thick font. It can be a block font or something with serifs or curves. Just make sure that it's thick enough that it won't be fragile or break. Need to know how to make it thicker and it doesn't have a bold version? I've got a tutorial for that too!

  2. Read through the text you're uses and choose key words or phrases that you want to emphasize. Then make those the largest so that they stand out from the rest. If you want to be extra creative, you can use a contrasting font for those specific words - like a bold block for the main text and something with curves for the emphasized text.

Have fun! I'd love to see the beautiful things you create! Take some photos and tag me on my Facebook page or in a review here!